Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have exhaled a few sighs, first one of the blog, too many to count in my lifetime.

Anyway, we all have our troubles here and there some big some small. Once again I have come across a big one.

It has come to that time in ones life were you have been working on something, you've been working on it for a while. Like a hobby but slightly more dedicated. So the stack got heavier and heavier as more time went on, its become a big thing far too heavy to hold. Some of you might know what I am going through, I have do to something about it now. I have put a plan into action that will help me come to a decision. Decide whether or not I continue as it is/stop/or drop everything else and work on it.

Can't tell you exactly what it is based on trust.

There you have it.


  1. inhale with nose, exhale with mouth

  2. if you stop now you'll regret it later. trust me. i've been there and i regret it.

    full support

  3. i got a stuffy nose right now, feels bad man

  4. i dont know exactly what your talking about...
    but it might help to stop if it costs money... so you can do w/e